Center for Contemporary Art Futura in Prague, Czech Republic

Letter to Sally Smith (The President and CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings)

Press: Contemporary Art Daily, Contemporary Art Writing Daily, Art Viewer

I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to feel
Infinite Loop ● DV video, CRT monitor, TV stand ● Colour ● Sound ● Undated

Global Countdown
Infinite Loop
● h.264 video, LED monitor ● Colour ● Sound ● 2011

Reality Models
Infinite Loop ● HD video, projector, rear projection film, stereo system, particle board, wire, cloth ● Colour ● Sound ● 2016

The Unthinkable Bygone
Infinite Loop ● HD Video, LED monitor, stereo system, window film ● Colour ● Sound ● 2016

Cake Time
color lighting gels, windows, sunlight

Recursive Commercial Laser Application
stage laser light projector, mirrors

Ode to Seekers 2012
Infinite Loop ● HD Video, projector, rear projection film, stereo system, steel ● Colour ● Sound ● 2016

Kodak (Rough Loop)
Infinite loop ● HD Video, projector, drywall, stereo system, furniture, bedsheets ● Colour ● Sound ● 2018